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Nitrocephalin Manufacturers talk about the characteristics of nucleic acid protective agents in industry use

Time:2023-04-04       View:314

Now, in the current epidemic situation, the new crown virus is something that everyone has been worried about, but the only way to test it is to do nucleic acid testing, so this highlights the characteristics of nucleic acid protective agents, which are simpler, safer, and more convenient. Shanghai Qixin, a manufacturer of nitrocephalin, will take you to know about it.


Most genetic research and tests start with the collection of DNA, but the traditional blood sample collection method is complicated to operate and high in cost. Fresh blood needs to be stored at low temperature, which makes it inconvenient to transport and carry. Causes harm, causes pain, is disgusted, even rejected by most people. Nucleic acid is rich in DNA, which is a high-quality source for sample collection. Nucleic acid DNA sample collection Compared with conventional blood DNA sample collection, nucleic acid sample collection is a method of obtaining DNA that is harmless and painless to the human body. This method will not cause any discomfort to the collected persons and is easily accepted, so it can expand the sampling range of genetic research and is especially suitable for molecular epidemiological large population surveys. Nucleic acid and DNA samples can be stored for many years at room temperature, which is environmentally friendly and easy to carry.


Nucleic acid protectant includes nucleic acid sampling box and nucleic acid DNA sample preservation tube, which can stably preserve nucleic acid DNA samples. The nucleic acid DNA sample storage tube contains 1 ml of nucleic acid DNA storage solution, which can quickly inhibit the nuclease in the nucleic acid and stabilize the nucleic acid DNA. At room temperature, the storage and transportation time of the DNA samples in the nucleic acid DNA sample preservation tubes is up to two years. The extracted DNA is suitable for a variety of downstream genetic testing, such as PCR, microarray analysis, and next-generation sequencing.


The use characteristics of nucleic acid protectant:
1. Easier: No need to endure the pain of blood drawing, just spit out the nucleic acid gently, and the sample can be obtained.
2. More convenient: the sample is stable, can be stored at room temperature, and can be stored for several years, making it easy to transport.
3. More efficient: It is convenient for automatic purification, and more DNA with better quality can be obtained.
4. Safer: Collect samples orally to reduce the chance of infection.


The above are the characteristics of nucleic acid protective agents compiled and shared by Shanghai Qixin, a manufacturer of nitrocephalin. Shanghai Qixin New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development of new materials, process optimization, and research and development of pharmaceutical intermediates and reagents. It mainly deals in 7-amino-3-chloromethyl-2-cephem-2 – Carboxylic acid p-methoxybenzyl hydrochloride (CAS: 113479-65-5), parylene F, parylene F (VT-4), nitrocefin, nitrocefin, etc.

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