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Feature and advantages of QIXIN New Material Parylene F dimer

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Parylene F is a type of parylene dimer, which is a chemical used to create thin-film coatings. Parylene F is different from other types of parylene in that it has a high level of fluorine content, which gives it unique properties, including:


1.Hydrophobicity: Parylene F is highly resistant to water and other liquids, making it an excellent barrier against moisture and chemicals. This property makes it ideal for use in harsh environments.
2.High Dielectric Strength: Parylene F has excellent electrical insulation properties, making it useful for electronic applications. It is often used to protect and insulate sensitive electronics components from the environment.
3.High Thermal Stability: Parylene F is stable at high temperatures, making it suitable for use in applications where high heat is a concern.
4.Biocompatible: Parylene F is biocompatible, which means it is safe for use in medical devices and implants.
5.Low Surface Energy: Parylene F has a low surface energy, which makes it resistant to adhesion. This feature makes it useful in applications where sticking or bonding is a concern.


Overall, QIXIN parylene F offers exceptional barrier properties against moisture and chemicals, excellent electrical insulation, and is stable at high temperatures, making it a popular choice in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, electronics, and medical device manufacturing.



QIXIN Parylene-VT4 exhibits a low dielectric constants and high thermal stability.•

QIXIN Parylene-VT4 shows structure stability (b-hexagonal) after FH aromatic substitution.•

QIXIN Parylene-VT4 shows a dielectric constant values, in the range of 2.05–2.35.•

QIXIN Annealing effect improves the dielectric properties of the parylene-VT4.•

QIXIN Material for microelectronic applications as organic insulator integrated layer.



• Medical Devices
• Aerospace & Defense
• Electronics
• LEDs
• Automotive


QIXIN’s parylene VT-4 has obvious advantages in high purity and low residue to make sure good coating while in competitive prices.

Dimer Content(purity)>99.0%

Total Solids >99.0%

Nonvolatile Residue <1.0%

Certification: RoHS, REACH, MSDS, COA, TSCA from SGS,USP Class VI designation


Till now, QIXIN has cooperated clients all over the word, such as USA, Germany, Switzerland and so on. Our parylene F dimer is widely applied in LED, electronics, bio-medical(meets USP Class VI designation), etc.


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