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QIXIN New Materials Parylene F dimer solves coating problems for USA client

Time:2023-04-04       View:317

As a R&D and supplier of high-end new materials, QIXIN has received various requests from clients.  That’s why our product range continues to be expanded.


Among of all, Parylene series are one of our “star” products in the market.


As we all know that conformal coating is a thin film coating technology used to improve the capabilities of leading-edge technologies. Applied as vapor, the coating layer perfectly conforms to complex shapes and provides complete and even coverage.

Product designers use parylene to waterproof electronics, add dry lubricity or enhance adhesion to other coatings. Parylene coatings are a popular choice in applications where reliability and performance matter most. Parylene has become the protective coating of choice for industrial and consumer electronics, aerospace and medical applications.


The most impressive story is that from our USA client “A”, based on Parylene F.


Previously, A uses 2 kinds of Parylele F dimers for different client levels for PCBA coating.

One is imported in expensive cost while in long lead time, poor service, which results in high cost, also poor service to end clients in lead time and technical support.

Another is in not expected quality, which results in also high cost, to achieve the same coating effect and more dimer needs to be used, causing longer time in coating device and personnel. Most importantly, coating is very thick. And some times, it caused following coating problems:

• air bubbles
• cloudy/hazy surfaces
• dripping or pooling
• irregular levelling (orange peel)
• voids/breaches/gaps in the coating where the assembly’s surface topography is not completely flat


Annoyed by the situation, A decides to find a more reliable supplier in quality, while in a relatively competitive price.

After search and comparison, A located QIXIN. As a normal process, A tested QIXIN sample.

Test results show quality is the same as imported one, especially in purity. It means A could realize same coating effect as expected one.


With integrated R&D, production and sales, QIXIN could supply Parylene F in a reasonable cost while strong technical backup.

As we have advantages in 2 aspects:

1.QXIN is a high-tech company focusing on high-end products and markets. With over 20 years of industry experience, we have deep expertise in our field and a proven track record of success. It means that QIXIN engineering team has expertise and also experience to develop the most efficient process, in high quality while with high yeilds.
2.QIXIN production capacity is large till 5-10tons/month. We are extremely efficient at getting products to market quickly and arrange every batch cost-effectively. This is due to our ownership of factory bases with our independent property rights, meaning that we have total control over the production process and can ensure consistent batch with mature personnel.
3.QIXIN attaches great importance to innovation and talent cultivation. Our R&D team is of paramount importance to us, including over 20 Doctors, Masters and Post Doctorates , and we pay great attention to ensuring that we have the best people working on developing cutting-edge products and solutions, also we have the capability to provide clients timely instruction/problem solving.


Within QIXIN Parylene F dimer, A’ PCBA coating has been greatly improved in the following aspects:

• Thin enough to fit into areas as small as 0.01mm
• Conforming to fit seamlessly on any surface
• Resistant to fungus and other deteriorating properties


As always, QIXIN is committed to Quality First Philosophy and to finding cost-effective ways to deliver win-win outcomes for both our clients and our business. Our products are well recognized as reliable in the market and we strive to maintain that high level of quality while ensuring that we are a good, sustainable investment for our customers.


If you are interested, welcome to discuss with us more.

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