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QIXIN New Materials Production Team Summer Tour

Time:2023-08-15       View:310

When the epidemic and the global situation are undergoing major changes, the global market is facing unprecedented challenges, and domestic and foreign markets are in a downturn. Relying on the continuous efforts and development of suppliers, customers, and QIXIN team, fortunately, QIXIN New Materials has been developing smoothly in the past three years.

The whole production team of QIXIN ushered in the annual company tourism activities, aiming at continuous, stable, rapid, coordinated and harmonious development, encouraging employees to make persistent efforts in their work, continue to maintain the leading level in the industry, be happy in life, have a happy family, and at the same time Enrich the cultural life of employees, enhance team spirit, and embody the humanistic atmosphere of concentricity.


On August 5-6, 2023, QIXIN organized all employees to travel to Zhiyinpan Island in Chexi, Yichang. Sightseeing in Yichang, where mountains and rivers blend together, the city scenery is interdependent, the green hills on both sides of the strait are stretched, and the green scenery on the shore is beautiful. Hearing the sound of egrets, watching the finless porpoise jubilantly playing in the water, happily spent two days and one night, especially memorable and meaningful tourism activities.


This itinerary includes viewing papermaking workshops, visiting clay pottery workshops, visiting the best-preserved chieftain’s mansion in the Three Gorges area, watching Maogusi performances in Houtusi Square, watching old men forging iron, ancient oil extraction in the old street, and visiting intangible cultural heritage Shadow puppetry, etc., let everyone enjoy the beautiful scenery and life after work, feel relaxed and happy, and easily recharge.


When you come to the Chexi Folk Custom Scenic Area, you seem to have stepped into a paradise like a fairyland; reminiscing about a passing time, and walking into a dreamy hometown.


Zhiyinpan Island has a natural environment such as rolling mountains, hills, and valleys. Therefore, the park is rich in natural ecological resources such as mountains, water, forests, and flowers. You can enjoy a variety of plants and enjoy comprehensive experiences such as local food, swimming pool entertainment, glass suspension bridge, rainbow flower path, ecological bird language forest, and playground.


At the same time, you can visit the Secluded Fengdou, Niuzhuan waterwheel, multi-functional waterwheel, etc. You can also experience the pedal, hand, sitting, vertical and other waterwheels for yourself.

Shanghai QIXIN New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd

The purpose of this tourism activity organized by QIXIN is to liberate everyone from the busy work and combine work and rest, which is beneficial to the health of the employees and the cultivation of aspirations. It will fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the employees and serve the company with a full spirit. Create another glories!

With the continuous development and expansion of QIXIN Scale, the gradual standardization and improvement of the management model have fully reflected the company’s humanized management; Employees build a career platform, so that everyone can fully display their charm on this stage.


Shanghai Qixin New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of new materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and reagents, pesticide intermediates, cosmetic raw materials and R&D process optimization.

Qixin is committed to excellent scientific research and introduces highly skilled R&D experts to continuously improve the overall strength of R&D.

Since its establishment, Qixin has taken quality first as its concept, technological innovation and R&D capabilities as its core competitiveness, and is determined to provide customers with excellent and scientific product quality and technical services, as well as products with technological and price advantages.

We strive to establish lasting relationships with our customers, and look forward to becoming strategic partners with our customers to achieve a win-win situation.

QIXIN always insists on

“Customer first” is our standard.

“Scientific and technological innovation” is our unremitting pursuit.

We hope to promote Chinese innovation and creation to the world

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