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Application of plant-origin Cholesterol

Time:2023-04-22       View:291

Cholesterol is an important component of animal tissue cells and an important component of cell membranes, accounting for more than 20% of plasma membrane esters.


Most of the cholesterol needed by the human body or animal depends on the animal’s own synthesis, and the insufficient part needs to be supplemented in vitro, especially when the human or animal itself lacks some or a certain synthetic enzyme of the cholesterol synthesis system, it needs to rely on in vitro supplementation of cholesterol.


QIXIN New Material plant-origin Cholesterol has a wide range of uses, and can be used as cosmetic raw materials, high-end pharmaceutical excipients, starting materials for the synthesis of vitamin D3, feed additives, and used in various industries of pharmaceutical and chemical production. Plant-derived cholesterol eliminates people’s concerns about the risk of carrying animal viruses, and broadens its use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and health food industries.

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