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Origin of plant-origin Cholesterol

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All the raw materials of cholesterol products currently on the market are of animal origin, such as animal brains, spinal cords, tissues, lanolin, etc. Animal-derived products have certain particularities, such as raw materials are perishable, there may be endogenous residues or exogenous pollutants (such as proteins, microorganisms, viruses, pesticides, veterinary drugs, etc.), and the composition and/or composition ratio is not clear , specific harmful ingredients (such as prion protein), etc., which may affect the batch-to-batch consistency of the product, and even cause unpredictable adverse reactions after use.


In the history of cholesterol production, it was first extracted from the tissues and organs of pigs, cattle, sheep and other animals. However, since the 1980s, many western developed countries in Europe and the United States have successively discovered mad cow virus and pig chain from animals. coccus and various avian influenza viruses, and caused human infection and death cases, which made people fear and doubt the safety of using animal cholesterol drugs.

The mainstream cholesterol products in the market are extracted from lanolin as raw material.


Lanolin is the secretion of the sebaceous glands of sheep, which is deposited on the wool fiber and can be recovered from wool washing waste. Lanolin is mainly an ester formed by higher molecular weight fatty acids and roughly equal amounts of fatty alcohols, sterols, trimethyl sterols, etc. More than 180 fatty acids can be separated from lanolin. Therefore, the separation of cholesterol from lanolin has problems such as a large amount of pollution and cumbersome operations, and lanolin is also of animal origin, which also has safety risks.


Based on the background and risks of animal-origin Cholesterol, while plant-origin Cholesterol developed and produced by QIXIN New Material has obvious advantage in safety.


QIXIN Cholesterol is widely applied in Pharmaceutical excipients, high-end cosmetic raw materials(such as delivery systems, active ingredients), cell culture medium, vaccine, etc., due to following advantages:

1.Product origin: Plant-Origin only, from phytosterols(obtained from corn, soybean or pine, etc.)
2.Safety assurance: Non-GMO, TSE/BSE FREE, No animal gene residues risk
3.Quality: Conforms toUSP, EP pharmacopoeia standards
4.Capacity: No limitation


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