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Parylene C (CAS No. 28804-46-8)

Parylene C, a chlorinated poly(para-xylylene) polymer, is widely employed as a biocompatible, corrosion-resistant coating, as a packaging material, and as an optically transparent material. Parylene conformal coatings are ultra-thin, pinhole-free polymer coatings that provide a number of high-value surface treatment properties such as excellent moisture, chemical and dielectric barrier properties, thermal and UV stability, and dry-film lubricity. These properties make Parylene coatings the ideal choice for a number of applications throughout the medical device, electronics, transportation, defense and aerospace industries.


Product description

Parylene C dimer is used to add a barrier against moisture and gases. Parylene C is known for its excellent adhesion to various substrates, offering exceptional protection against environmental elements. It is also used as a dielectric coating in microelectronic applications.


The moisture-resistant Parylene C is similar to Parylene N in that it contains a carbon-hydrogen molecule structure. However, for each molecule, it possesses one chlorine atom in place of a hydrogen atom. As a conformal coating, Parylene C provides a protective barrier for printed circuit boards. Parylene C also offers excellent protection against corrosive substances due to its low permeability.

Like other types, Parylene C is added to a substrate using the chemical vapor deposition process.


Basic information:

Product Name: Dichlorodi-p-xylylene
Synonyms: 5,11-dichlorotricyclo[,7]hexadeca-4,6,10,12,13,15-hexaene;6,12-Dichlorobis(p-xylylene);DICHLORO-[2,2]-PARACYCLOPHANE;Dichlorodi-p-xylylene;Parylene C ,92%;Dichlorodi-p-xylylen;Dichlorodi-1,4-xylylene;Dichloro-[2,2]-paracyclophane (Parylene C)
CAS: 28804-46-8
MF: C16H14Cl2
MW: 277.193
EINECS: 249-236-8



Melting point 165-167 ºC
density 0.671[at 20℃]
vapor pressure 0.002Pa at 25℃
Water Solubility 230μg/L at 20℃
LogP 3.98 at 20℃


Feature and advantages:

Parylene C films have numerous advantages.

The versatility of parylene C coatings makes them useful in a broad range of biomedical applications.

The coatings are widely used commercially because of the unique combination of their physicochemical properties, i.e. flexibility and dielectricity. The chemical vapour deposition process enables parylene C conformal coatings to be applied to even the most complex medical devices. The coatings can be customised for the desired application using surface modification methods, which alter surface chemistry and topography. In this review, we summarise the last ten years (2008–2018) of research on parylene C for biomedical applications. We discuss how parylene C properties can be modulated through surface and bulk modifications to improve its key functions, i.e. anticorrosive, biocompatible, anti-infection, and therapeutic functions. We emphasise current and potential biomedical applications and finally highlight the advantages and limitations of the coatings, pointing out the perspectives and the most promising research trends.


• Parylene C is the most popular type because it provides a combination of barrier and dielectric properties while also having cost and processing advantages.

• Parylene C has a chlorine atom on one of the aromatic hydrogens. This gives parylene C very low permeability for better protection from moisture, chemicals and corrosive gases.

• Parylene C deposits much faster than other types which allow a thicker layer to be applied with less machine time.


Parylene C is the best choice for/ application:

• Implantable medical devices.
• Pinhole-free barrier layers to electronics or materials from harsh environments.
• Encapsulating electronics to provide dielectric protection.
• MeetingIPC-CC-830 or MIL-I-46058C standards.
• Coating on devices to make them more Bio Compatible
• Soft structural material for Bio mems.




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