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Plant-based cholesterol (CAS No. 57-88-5) Manufacturing

Application of Cholesterol

Cholesterol can be used as cosmetic raw materials, high-end pharmaceutical excipients, starting materials for the synthesis of vitamin D3, feed additives, and used in various industries of pharmaceutical and chemical production, and also used as high-end costimecs active raw materials. Plant-derived cholesterol eliminates people's concerns about the risk of carrying animal viruses, and broadens its use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and health food industries.



Product description

Plant-origin Cholesterol  CAS No. 57-88-5

chemical name: (3β)-cholest-5-en-3-ol.


Basic info:

Product Name: Cholesterol
Synonyms: (3.beta.)-Cholest-5-en-3-ol;(3β)-cholest-5-en-3-ol;3β-hydroxycholest-5-ene;5,6-Cholesten-3beta-ol;5:6-cholesten-3-beta-ol;5:6-Cholesten-3beta-ol;5-Cholesten-3B-ol;5-cholesten-3β-ol
CAS: 57-88-5
MF: C27H46O
MW: 386.66
EINECS: 200-353-2


Chemical Properties

Melting point 148-150 °C
alpha -36 º (c=2, dioxane)
Boiling point 360 °C
density 1.06
refractive index 1.5250 (estimate)
Fp 250 °C
storage temp. -20°C
solubility H2O: 0.002 mg/mL
form powder
pka 15.03±0.70(Predicted)
color white


Feature: Safe

All the raw materials of cholesterol products currently on the market are of animal origin, such as animal brains, spinal cords, tissues, lanolin, etc. Animal-derived products have certain particularities, such as raw materials are perishable, there may be endogenous residues or exogenous pollutants (such as proteins, microorganisms, viruses, pesticides, veterinary drugs, etc.), and the composition and/or composition ratio is not clear , specific harmful ingredients (such as prion protein), etc., which may affect the batch-to-batch consistency of the product, and even cause unpredictable adverse reactions after use.


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