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QIXIN Parylene C is prominent in deformability and biocompatibility

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From recent and authoritative research reports, it’s widely recognized that Parylene C has great potential applications in many emerging electronic devices such as wearable devices for body attachable applications. This is all due to its deformability and biocompatibility.

parylene c dimer

For example,the article “Simple and practical methods for utilizing parylene C flm based on vertical deposition and laser patterning”, could approve this point:


Parylene C flms are widely used in various felds due to its excellent optical transmittanceParylene C flms are widely used in various felds due to its excellent optical transmittance, waterproofness, insulation, and biocompatibility. Recently, a wide range of applications ranging from substrates and pack?aging layers of wearable devices for healthcare to thin flm encapsulation layers of fexible OLEDs have been demonstrated.


parylene c dimer

In summary, we have introduced and demonstrated novel methods to prepare and utilize parylene C flms in a  simple yet practical manner. First, we demonstrated a new vertical deposition method that can form a parylene C film with the same and uniform thickness on both sides of the sample to overcome the limitations in the horizontal deposition method. Next, we demonstrated a debris-tolerant method to fabricate high-quality ultrathin parylene C substrates with various shapes and structures through PDMS assisted laser patterning. Both of the methods were used to prepare electronic devices that can be bent, stretched, and water-proof, illustrating the immense potential and versatility of the proposed methods. We anticipate that the approaches introduced in this work will be highly useful in realizing many emerging electronic devices such as wearable devices for body attachable applications where both deformability and biocompatibility matter.


As a leading R&D and manufacturer of parylene dimers in China, QIXIN has been deeply rooted in the new materials industry for many years. Among of them, Parylene C is one of our most popular and successful products, widely recognized by clients from USA, Europe and also Asia.


QIXIN Parylene C films have numerous advantages.

For example, the biocompatibility of parylene C coatings makes them useful in a broad range of biomedical applications.

The coatings are widely used commercially because of the unique combination of their physicochemical properties, i.e. flexibility and dielectricity. The chemical vapour deposition process enables parylene C conformal coatings to be applied to even the most complex medical devices. The coatings can be customised for the desired application using surface modification methods, which alter surface chemistry and topography.

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